Frequently Asked Questions
Domain Management
What is DomainManager? is a domain management platform that allows account holders to manage all aspects of their portfolios. DomainManager services include:
  • DNS Management
  • Improved Server Redundancy
  • Redirection
  • Framed Redirection
  • Custom HTML Page
  • For Sale Page
  • Email Forwarding
  • IP Forwarding
  • Sub Domain Creation
  • Service by Geographic Location
  • Domain Portfolios
  • Bulk Service Settings
  • Tagged Domains Sorting
  • Custom Reports
  • Graphical Breakdown of Reports
  • Import/Export Domains and Reports via CSV
  • Dashboard Overview
DomainManager free of advertisements and domain setting updates are real time. All non DM Pro services are free to all users.
What is DM Pro?
DM Pro advanced domain management services for large domain portfolio.
To find out more about DM Pro please contact
How does DomainManager work?
Once you sign up and are approved for an account, you can begin adding domain information to your records, including grouping and tagging for increased organization. If you are using DM as a DNS solution, you can organize and secure your domains with the DomainManager platform. If you use the DomainManager platform with appropriate settings on your domains, DomainManager will generate daily reports for you.

Be sure to set the Name Servers for your domains to be:

This is easily done at the Registrar where your domain is registered. Most domains are registered with the following registrars. Click the relevant link to get help with your domain information:
What is the cost?
The DomainManager platform is absolutely free. Free as in Free. We have been free since started in 2002. We hope that by offering this free service to you, we can introduce you to our team for our additional services or other synergies where we can work together. Check out and
How many domains do I need to join?
To utilize the DomainManager benefits, you should have at least 1 domain. There is no maximum amount of domains — DomainManager supports even the largest portfolios.
What features does DomainManager offer?
DomainManager has useful features such as increased redundancy; reporting; advanced domain optimization; grouping and tagging organization; making bulk changes to domains; it even has bulk domain locking for added security.
Do you have an invitation program?
Yes. is by invitation only. Membership to is by invitation only, which is part of what makes our service unique, and since the connections authentic we are not subject to the abuse and spam that other DNS services attract. Trusted and loyal DomainManager members who meet certain criteria have the privilege of inviting a limited number of their associates to the service. In doing so, existing members vouch for the reputation of the members they invite. If you know someone with this privilege, you can ask them to invite you. If not, please apply for a membership on our home page or attend a Domain Conference and introduce yourself to a member of the DomainManager family.
Getting Started
How do I set up my free account?
You can set up your account by following these steps.
  1. Use your Registrar to set your DNS servers to:
  2. Add your domains to your account
  3. Click on Update Email if you would like to use our email forwarding services.
  4. Enjoy the professional, reliable and easy-to-use Domain Management services of
Parking Domains
How do I handle parked domains in DomainManager?
There are two ways that you can forward your domains to parking providers, depending on your parking provider. You can either set URL forwarding or point the IP to the PPC in the Setting tab of DomainManager. Once you have directed the traffic to your Parking Provider, you will have to add that domain to your specific account with that particular PPC. Please check with your parking provider to see which option will work with their system.

You can also split the weight of the traffic load to each destination. You can send a percentage of your traffic to one parking provider and send the remainder to another destination and monitor the results to best monetize.
Support Information
When are my domain statistics updated?
Statistic are automatically update from 3 am - 4 am Eastern Standard Time. This means your daily reports will be updated with new information each day at this time.
How do I report a bug or give feedback about the site?
To report a bug, simply click on the BUG icon on the page in question. This sends a specific reference to our help team and from there they can quickly help you.

Domain Manager Professional delivers unprecedent performance and account management.

DomainManager was created by domainers for domainers to help them better manage their portfolios. Founder Richard Lau has worked to transform DM into a complete domain management system. Users can now manage more domains and more easily track their performances.

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